Banglalink  Bondho SIM Offer 2020


Banglalink  Bondho SIM Offer 2020

Banglalink Bondho SIM Offer 2020! Banglalink is good telecom operator in Bangladesh. You know that A large number of Peoples are using the Banglalink SIM Card. Here, the Banglalink Bondho SIM Offer provides the latest Offer for all unused SIM Card. Baglalink Bondho SIM Offer provides Chip Rate internet Pack, Minute Package and SMS Pack Offer.

Like you, Banglalink SIM Card and you have to a Banglalink Unused SIM Card. Here you can enjoy the Banglalink Bondho SIM Offer. If you have a Banglalink Bondho SIM, You can see all of this offer and find out the offer you are eligible. Let’s read the full Content and finally activate your Connection now and Enjoy Inactivate SIM Offer.

Banglalink Bondho SIM Offer Details 2020

Banglalink Bondho SIM Offer means the Banglalink SIM Card which doesn’t use on a long time. Sometimes offers some promotion for unused SIM Card. These you knew these offers name is Bondho SIM Offer. According to Bondho SIM Offer, all Customer gets some benefits by reactivating their Inactivate Banglalink SIM Card. So, check out the Trending Offer before activating your Unused SIM Card. If you want to help from Banglalink Executive by Calling to Banglalink Helpline or Visit your Nearest Customer Care Center.

Special Call Rate for Banglalink Bondho SIM Offer 2020

Banglalink Bondho SIM users can enjoy the very lowest call rate offer by recharging 39 TK on their unused SIM. After Recharging 39 TK, Customer will get 1 Paisa per Second to any operator Number. Lowest Call rate offer is Validity for 15 Days.

The Customer using Minimum Call Rate is 54 Paisa per Minute to Any Local Operator Banglalink can offer their Customer 54 Paisa/Minute Call Rate.

Banglalink Bondho SIM Internet Offer 2020

Many Internet Package offers available for Banglalink Bondho SIM users. So, Dear Customer if you have an Unused Banglalink Number, Just Activate the Number and wait for receiving offers from Banglalink For any more information, Let’s inform us. We have another post about Banglalink Internet Offer.

Banglalink  minute offer 2020
Banglalink  minute offer 2020


  • Subscribers can purchase these offers as many times as they want during the campaign period.
  • Only select prepaid and call and control subscribers are eligible for this offer.
  • In case of multiple purchase of the same pack, the latest validity will apply.
  • There will be no auto-renewal for these packs.
  • Unused internet, minute and SMS volume will not be carried forward.
  • To unsubscribe from the call rate offer, dial *166*220#.
  • This is a limited time offer.

Banglalink Bondho SIM Offer 2020 2GB 42TK

Dear Customer, you can check your Eligibility for 2GB Internet at 42 Taka by dial *132*842#. Balance check *5000*500#

Banglalink internet Offer 2020

  1. 75MB regular internet package is 13TK ,validity 3 days , dial *5000*543#.
  2. 500MB regular internet package is 49TK ,validity 7 days , dial *5000*588#.
  3. 1GB regular internet package is 31TK ,validity 3 days , dial *5000*31#.
  4. 2GB regular internet package is 42TK ,validity 3 days , dial *5000*42#.
  5. 6GB (3GB regular internet) (3GB bonus internet) package is 129TK ,validity 7 days , dial *5000*577#.
  6. 10GB (7GB regular internet) (3GB bonus internet) package is 199TK ,validity 7 days , dial *5000*199#.
  7. 7GB regular internet package is 499TK ,validity 30 days , dial *5000*508#.
  8. 5GB regular internet package is 399TK ,validity 30 days , dial *5000*599#.
  9. 2GB regular internet package is 209TK ,validity 30 days , dial *5000*581#.
  10. 3GB regular internet package is 99TK ,validity 3 days , dial *5000*799#.

Banglalink  minute offer 2020

  1. To activate 25 Minute, Price 14TK, validity 24Hr, Dial *1100*3#.
  2. To activate 40 Minute, Price 24TK, validity 3 days, Dial *1100*4#.
  3. To activate 75 Minute, Price 43TK, validity 7 days, Dial *1100*5*3#.

Banglalink SMS offer 2020

  1. To activate 30 SMS , Price 3TK, validity 3 days, dial *1100*9*4*1#.
  2. To activate 70 SMS , Price 7TK, validity 7 days, dial *1100*9*3*1#.
  3. To activate 200 SMS , Price 15TK, validity 15 days, dial *1100*9*2*1#.
  4. To activate 500 SMS , Price 30TK, validity 30 days, dial *1100*9*1*1#.
  5. To activate 500 SMS , Price 10TK, validity 30 days, dial *123*2*7*2#.
  6. To activate 1500 SMS , Price 20TK, validity 30 days, dial *123*2*7*3#.

If you want to more information about Banglalink Bondho SIM Offer, Just Comment here? We solve your problem very soon. Thanks for Coming with staying with us.


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